Percolator Bongs


Percolator bongs are designed to enhance the smoking experience. The water pipes are fitted into the percolator bongs filter, and cool the smoke before inhalation. It takes the filtration process one step ahead to create a soothing experience. They function by forming tiny bubbles. Whenever the smoke passes through the pipe, the smoke gets more surface area to interact with the water. Thus, you can use Dual percolator bongs for a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.


The percolator bong contains a glass tube filled with water and bubbles. The smoke passes through this glass tube and interacts with the water. Water is a polar molecule. That’s why it attracts other polar contaminants present in the smoke. Thus, it filters out the contaminants from the substance you want to inhale through the percolator bong. The filtration of junk confers a smoother experience.

Why are Perc Bongs good for you?

The smoke gets cooled down while it travels through the glass tube. The impurities and dust get filtered out to provide a smooth smoking experience without coughing. The increased number of bong rips prevents the harsh feeling on your throat. Adding a perc bong to the smoking accessories is highly cost-effective. They will give you maximum relaxation even if you put a small number of weeds. You will be able to ingest more smoke at a time, giving you more feeling of highness than usual smoking.


There are numerous advantages of smoking dual percolator bongs. If you use a bong without a percolator for smoking, you will feel a burning sensation in your throat. Percolators are used to avoid this condition. In percolators, smoke travels through bubbles present in the chambers. The smoke gets filtered and cooled during this process. Thus, bong rip gives a smooth and enjoyable experience.


They come in various shapes and sizes. They have different exclusive designs to provide you with an enhanced smoking experience. You can also upgrade the bong according to the changing standards. They are designed to eliminate excess heat and harshness of the material. It preserves and highlights the flavor. However, different kinds of aesthetic touches are given to each type of percolator. The various types are-

Percolator Bongs

  • Honeycomb percolators
  • Matrix percolator
  • Down stem percolator
  • Turbine percolator
  • Fritted disc percolator
  • Spiral percolator


A dual percolator bong improves the smoking experience. Nothing can substitute the continuous feeling of smoothness through perc bongs. Investment in dual percolator bongs of good quality prevents dry and coughing throat. These products are made to ensure the highest degree of enjoyment for smoking weed.