You are looking to see what shows are now streaming on aha. Stop scratching your head! Just Watch compiled an index of recommended aha shows. To make it simple for you to find the South Indian best web series and begin watching them immediately, arrange them according to how often they have been recommended.

After that, utilize the genre filter below to find only the shows that interest you. The process of discovering a great show to binge on aha is that easy. Moreover 3 roses web series is also one of the best movies on Aha.

Let’s watch some viral videos and check out some of the most-watched movies and web series:

  1. 3 roses:

Maggi directed the 12th of November 2021 release of 3 Roses. In case you’re interested, you can watch this program in Telugu. The show’s star cast includes Payal Rajput, Sarayu Roy, Shamna Kasim, Eesha Rebba, Satyam Rajesh, Prince Cecil, Viva Harsha, Sangeeth Shobhan, Hema, Goparaju Ramana, Mahesh Achanta, and Ravi Varma. The comedy and family film 3 Roses is available.

  1. OreyBujjiga:

OreyBujjiga, starring Raj Tarun and Malavika Nair, premiered on Aha Videos. There was an incredible success with the film on this Telugu OTT. Hebah Patel and Raj Tarun reteamed because they worked so well together in the previous smash hit Kumari 21F. In the film, Raj Tarun and Malavika Nair, villagers who have never met, go to the city to avoid an arranged marriage that neither of them wants to go through.

  1. 36 Vayasulo:

The social theme of the film 36 Vayasulo was that women should not be denied the opportunity to pursue their dreams just because of their age. Jyothika portrayed Vasanti, a 36-year-old married lady who stifled her ambitions to fulfill her household responsibilities.

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  1. Locked:

Upon its release, a South Indian best web series on Aha videos quickly became a fan favorite for its unprecedented level of tension and drama. The web series follows the narrative of Dr. Anand (Satyadev), a renowned neurosurgeon and medical researcher who finds himself trapped within his own home after being kidnapped by mysterious strangers. As he encounters them, one by one, within his house, he begins to feel unsafe.

  1. Sin:

The online series’ complex subject matter is entertaining, nevertheless, since it serves a social cause that is important to many people: the emancipation of women. The web series depicted women’s experiences of discrimination, sexual harassment, and domestic violence in the name of marriage, as well as extramarital relationships and romantic feelings between men and women.

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Teenagers make up the majority of the web series’ viewership. When used to popular Aha videos, it generates a lot of views and works smoothly. Watch the 3 roses web series by searching for them on Aha. In addition to the, aha videos also host many of the top movies and web series on the internet. Come on over to Aha right this second for some fun.