CBD for dogs

CBD for Cats has long been touted as a natural way to ensure that your feline friend will have a longer, healthier life. This can be compared to the way that humans take CBD — which is also known for its medicinal benefits for humans.


This blog post will discuss some of the essential facts about CBD cat products at Holistapet, which you should know before making an important decision about your pet’s health.


Many people out there claim that CBD oil or pet tinctures are the perfect cure, but there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Most of the time, these claims are untrue.


CBD cat products at Holistapet have been touted as a natural remedy for many different things and are often used alongside other products that claim to help with pain management. However, studies have proven that it will only work for some things. There is no clinical evidence to show how it will work for animals suffering from cancer, arthritis, or other diseases.


This is why it is essential to realize that CBD oil and pet tinctures are not something you should use with your cat, as they have not and will not cure any disease.


Biochemical Mechanisms Behind CBD for Cats and Why It Is Not Effective

The primary biochemical mechanisms that enable CBD to work well in humans differ in dogs, cats, and other carnivores. The process behind the delivery of the bioactive component of cannabis into our bodies — known as ‘the endocannabinoid system’ — is fundamentally different in each animal species.


In the case of cats, this means that the cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) present in their bodies are not activated when they ingest CBD.

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Some people may say this makes sense; however, because cats are carnivores, they would also be able to get other compounds from their food that could provide a similar effect to CBD. The fact that CBD has not shown any research as a treatment for cats suggests that it will not work in this animal species.


Also, there are many natural ways for our pets to get certain benefits. For example, dogs and cats could receive pain relief from the CBD that their bodies produce with regular exercise.


This is why it is essential to ensure your pet is getting enough exercise to feel good and have a longer life.


There are many dog owners out there who give their pets CBD oils or treats for them to get the benefits. However, there are no known instances of cats getting CBD naturally. This makes it even more vital that you don’t use any liquids or treats as they can seriously harm your cat’s health and the effectiveness of any medications you may be giving them.