luxury vinyl flooring in Flint, MI

With the luxury vinyl flooring in Flint, MI from Karen’s Carpetmax flooring center’s well-stocked business location, you can get the most out of your flooring investment. At Karen’s Carpetmax flooring center, they have a wide selection of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury plank flooring. This sort of resilient flooring is well-known for its toughness and durability. It also has the benefit of being versatile in terms of style. 

Types of luxury vinyl flooring

  • The Plank of Vinyl- Vinyl planks are made to look like hardwood. Almost all wood grains, textures, and hues are covered by different types. While they have the look and feel of wood, their functionality is far greater. These vinyl planks are water-resistant, whereas wood flooring is not. They’re also more stain-resistant and easy to clean than standard wood.
  • Tiles Made of Vinyl- Vinyl tiles are designed to look like natural stone tiles. They can be placed in a variety of patterns and come in a variety of colors and sizes. The design options are limitless. Grout can even be used in between the tiles to make stone or ceramic tiles look even better. Because the tiles are easier to handle and cut to fit in compact locations, this sort of flooring is ideal for small rooms. It’s also easier to replace a single broken tile with a new one.
  • Vinyl Sheeting—As the name implies, vinyl sheeting is a roll of flooring that can be up to 12′ wide. This type of flooring is ideal for large spaces because there are fewer seams to align. It is both inexpensive and long-lasting, and it may be installed over existing floorings such as wood, tile, or even vinyl. Inlaid vinyl is a popular choice for high-traffic areas since the color granules are embedded directly into the top layer of the vinyl. As a result, the appearance is more durable and resistant to scratches and imperfections. Even while today’s vinyl flooring is engineered to last longer, there are still steps you can do to keep it protected and gleaming for years to come.

In Flint, MI, where to get premium vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring that looks like real hardwood, ceramic, or natural stone is available. Tell them what type of flooring you want, and they’ll give you everything you need to install it, including luxury vinyl flooring installation.