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For kids, it becomes very difficult to accept the changes happing after the divorce of the parents. In the divorce process itself, the child custody agreement is also signed by the parents. Child custody can be given to the parents in three ways. A child support attorney will help the parents to make the parental management plan so that they can take care of the child in the right way. It is very easy to say that both the parents have to spend time equally with the child but in reality, it is tough. Once the parents are divorced they don’t stay together their priorities changes, work schedule will be different. The family lawyers can help you to get into an agreement where all of you can be happy. Let us look into some of the ways for splitting child custody equally.

  • Splitting child custody on weekly basis: In this type of agreement, the child will be staying with one parent for a complete week that is from Sunday till Saturday. And in the next coming week, the child will be with the other parent for the next seven days. In this way, the child will be there will each parent for two weeks in a month if it has four weeks.
  • Splitting custody weekly and one overnight stay: In this type of schedule the child will be with one parent for a week but the other parent can stay one overnight with the child in custody parent home. This process is vice versa in the next week the child will be staying with another parent and, the first-week parent will get a chance to stay overnight with a child in the second-week parent house. This way both the parent gets one week of custody alternatively. This method can be suitable for the parents who think that one week will be too long to stay with seeing the child.

child support attorney

  • A 3-3-4-4 custody scheduled: In this type of custody the child will be with the mother for three days and, the next three days, the child will be with the father. For example, Sunday to Tuesday with mother than Wednesday to Friday with father. In the next week, the child will be there with others for four days and the next four days with the father.
  • 2-2-5-5 child custody scheduled: In this one parent gets the child custody for two days and, the next two days, the child is with the other parent. After this, for five days the child is with the first parent and for the next five days with the other parent. In this way, the child stays with the one parent for seven days.


These are some of the ways in which child custody can be split between both parents.