Singapore’s education system is well-known for being particularly competitive and comprehensive. Suppose one will be compared to that in other countries. As a result, it’s unsurprising that many international students find the test complex. Singapore’s Ministry of Education receives between 3,000 and 3,500 applicants for the AEIS Exam per year. Although the candidate pool is higher, the acceptance rate varies from year to year. The histogram below depicts the estimated pass score from 2008 to 2010. As shown, the test score has decreased from 80percent in terms of 20percent of the three years. With passing rates falling year after year, it is more important than ever for international parents to get advice. Not only for people one knows with knowledge but also from local AEIS Instructors in Singapore. It enables prospective students to familiarize themselves with the curriculum and test requirements. It might be different from those of their home country. With this number of a company for tutoring has opened. The aeis tuition gives all their tutors the right amount of wage.

The difficulty of getting a high score on the examination

Examination or any test is strict, especially when one has no knowledge to face or give answers to all present questions. Like other schools, this test includes all common subjects. The familiar topics are mathematics, English, and reasoning ability. The examination process is different compared to other examinations. The resulting paper with questions and answers will not be revealed. For this matter, students are having difficulty getting hints about the possible questions in the test. The majority of the examinees have taken tutoring classes to ensure that one will survive and get a high score for this high difficulty test. This issue can be a chance for those who look to do side jobs as they can have home-based tutoring. Aeis accepts applicants with good English skills and has enough knowledge to assist every student who needs good grades.

It’s not that easy to go to a good school

Adequate education is available in Singapore. International students will have some difficulty enrolling in any school. Despite this, all international students wishing to enroll in Singapore’s mainstream schools must undergo the AEIS Examination. It is needed to be admitted to the Primary 2–5 and Secondary 1–3 tiers. There are a few strategies for passing the test more efficiently. Select a mentor who is knowledgeable about the subjects to be covered and reflects on their students’ areas of vulnerability. Examinations should not be taken lightly as they can be the only way for students to get admitted to the best school in the area. Especially to the international students. Every country has a different teaching style. It would be good to experience it by attending tutor class before taking the examination. Having a bright mind for academics is a good thing, but one should never rely on it at any time. An exam can be surprising. Some intelligent people often failed it because of relying too much on it.