A regular bath mat is strategically used in a bathroom to prevent soapy water from getting onto your floor when you step out of your bathtub or shower. Its made from relatively larger fibers like nylon and cotton. It has good absorbency and dries quickly. However, it is not slip-resistant hence remains to be just a luxurious accessory in your bathroom.

What you require is a super absorbent bath mat that also offers other advantages. Listed here are a few for your benefit.

  1. Absorbent.Made from thousands of individual shag microfibers, it efficiently absorbs dripping water and prevents wet floors. It also absorbs moisture and remains dry and fresh.
  2. Slip-resistant.Made from nonslip, soft rubber, it has suction cups that help prevent slipping/skidding. It firmly holds on to the floor and does not budge when you step onto it after your bath. It is directly used in the bathtub or under the shower as a safety measure for senior citizens and kids.
  3. Sanitary aid. It also doubles up as a sanitary aid. When you stand on it, its high absorption power keeps your feet dry and clean while preventing them from getting exposed to gross bacteria.
  4. Aesthetic value.Even though it is a product of rubber and microfibers, it possesses high aesthetic value. It is available in various colors and shapes to match the color theme and styling of your bathroom.
  5. Durability.It is easy to maintain. You can throw it into the washing machine along with other sheets. With a minimum of care, it can last over two years of regular usage.

Had enough of continually mopping and cleaning your bathroom floors?

Get yourself a nonslip super absorbent bath mat. You will not regret it.