exciting game of DOTA 2. As you access it, you will have a fun time already that you can do during your pastime.

The Dota series is no doubt one of the most successful games across the globe. It continues to soar to new heights gaining more and more players signing on and playing daily. The sequel to the first Dota game became one of the most played games on Steam with over a million players. Not only do these players play the game, some of them invest in accessorizing their characters. They are more than willing to spend on new skins, costumes, and weapons. Some even invest in Dota 2 MMR boost services.

Different boosting services offer various options and features for all their services. You can avail some of these for free but some come with a price. Here are some of the most common that they offer.

Setting schedule

This option is a great choice if you still want to play on your account while the boosting service is active. You can set a specific time for the booster to play so he or she will not access your account while you are playing.

Incognito mode

The booster will set your Steam friend chat to offline mode. This is to avoid other players seeing you in-game and sending you a message on Steam.  Third-party sites will also not be able to collect your data such as GPM, XPM, KDA, and recent games.

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Free wagering

Only Battle Pass owners can avail of this extra service. The booster will use wager tokens on all played games so you can get double battle pass points. Most boosters offer this service for free.

Ban hero

This option is for those who want the booster not to use a certain hero. It is a great choice if you have heroes you are not comfortable with and tend not to play them often.

No rampage

A rampage is getting five kills with less than eighteen seconds between each kill. The display RAMPAGE will keep on appearing if you get more kills that would continue the chain. Going on a rampage will attract attention and most boosters will not go on a rampage to avoid that.

Choose role

This option is helpful if you want the  booster to play a specific role in your account. You may want the booster to focus on a role you are most comfortable with or the role you are not familiar with the most.

The extra options differ from booster to booster. You have to make sure you check all available options to make the most out of the boost.